SECTION A Cases. Accessories & Tempered Glass Screen Protectors All products including Cases, Screen Protectors & all Accessories purchased in-store come under our 30-day ‘replace or exchange’ policy as long as it’s still in original, unopened packaging, be in ‘as new’ condition and must not have been used, installed or had any data input on them.

Any refunds will ‘only’ be made if a product is faulty. The business reserves the right to test any faulty product before issuing a refund, therefore you may not be able to receive the refund on the very same day. If the product is tested and found faulty, the refund will be made, however, the business reserves the right not to issue any refund if the product is not found to be faulty, or is damaged in any way.


Remember: Generally, you cannot return, replace or exchange any ‘product’ because:

You have either ‘changed your mind’ or ‘found a cheaper deal”.

You have not carefully read the instructions manual on how to use and it’s aftercare. You have used the product and a problem has been caused by wear and tear.

If you do not have valid proof of purchase.

SECTION B: Repairs and Batteries Please refer to the repair sheet for complete terms and conditions.

SECTION C: Unlocking

We take no responsibility if we successfully unlock your phone and it turns out to be blocked, locked via pin, or disabled the quoted price will still stand If we are unable to check what network the phone is on and we are given false information to who the phone is locked to then the quoted price will still

stand If the phone turns out to be of foreign purchase and we are not made aware then the quoted price will still stand. The above conditions are in addition to your statuary rights which are not affected